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Toronto Dog & Puppy Training, Wellness and Re-education. Training Dogs & Teaching People

We offer private in home Dog Training, Puppy Training, Behaviour Therapy and obedience training to the GTA. We help you not just train your Dog/Puppy but also help you to understand them in order to create a balanced, happy, healthy & obedient pack. Learn to build and develop a bond of trust and respect that has existed with our canine and human ancestors for thousands of years. It is what every Dog owner yearns for today.

Dog Training is not just about learning obedience, or being instructed how to walk and feed etc... But it is about learning where Dogs and humans alike have come from, how the generations before us developed their instincts, behaviour and relationships. And using this knowledge to understand ourselves in the world today and how to live positively and successfully with our canine companions in today's world. Then you'll start to see the world through the eyes of our Dogs and we'll bridge that gap many of us have with mother nature. A great trained dog and sometimes even a fresh outlook on life is the by-product of this knowledge and training.

We will help you become a happy, healthy positive pack leader. There's nowhere in the world you'll find people and no dogs. Nowhere! It's easy to love our puppies but what I hope to bring is a better more responsible understanding of canine behaviour, psychology and relationship with us humans as well as our beautiful planet.

If you're in the GTA contact a Dog or Puppy Trainer now for a free consultation and you'll be on you're way to raising the perfect pack today!